• Developer: System Era Softworks
  • Genre: Adventure, Indie, Early Access
  • Version: Release
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Official information

Release Date Dec 16, 2016
Developer System Era Softworks
Publisher System Era Softworks
Genre Adventure, Indie, Early Access
Language English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese-Brazil, Turkish
System PC
Version Release


ASTRONEER review: discover mesmerizing space worlds before you

System Era Softworks introduces the 25th-century space odyssey. Download Astroneer on your playing device and dive into the adventurous interplanetary exploration with the main Astroneer character. 

The space future is close. And it is even closer with the Astroneer official release expected on December 2018. 

Astroneer is initially an Early Access game which is currently in Alpha stage. But that’s not for long. After the announcement of the update details which was made at E3-2018, we are pretty sure that Astroneer will transform from a simple sandbox into a goal-oriented, player-feedback game. After its full value release in December, Astroneer is going to blend a complete crossplay to become accessible for players on all platforms.

Sounds unreal? Not at all. Soon you are going to experience the most exciting galactic journey of your life!

The most beautiful and capturing space odyssey of our days

We decided to start our Astroneer review with the most exciting game feature — its graphics. The amazingly-designed visual performance is the first thing that probably grabs you the most. Astonishingly beautiful space world opens before your eyes when you start playing.

Pure pastel colors, well-drawn environment with detailed objects — all together they create a particular sense of tranquility. The cartoonish Astroneer style is another great graphical solution that appeals to most of the players. Surprisingly, it lets you get a more sensible sensation of staying in open space than realistic visuals could do.

As every planet has its unique environment, you will be captivated by landscapes more than once. Just look at these terrific sunrises and sunsets on the unknown planets. 

Moreover, the visuals are supplemented with the meditative sound effects to help you achieve the feeling of the full immersion into the game.

Traveling around wonderful bright planets of the Solar System brings players hours of enjoyment. Colorful interplanetary future of the 25th-century gold rush era swallows you up to the core. 

The distant worlds so near with Astroneer

The visual performance is not the only thing to make you feel the soothing sandbox atmosphere deeply. Astroneer is also one of the best crafting-survival games due to its plot and gameplay.

According to the storyline, in the 25th century, the humankind has developed the unique technology which made journeys to distant stars and planets accessible to everyone. But only those who dare to take risks of such space journeys can travel through space. 

Astroneer is the main character and an astronaut who follows his explorer spirit and goes to the distant worlds on the spaceship. The protagonist is going to explore space bodies, collect resources and equipment, and fight for his survival as well. 

Astroneer expeditions include exploration of various space bodies: from the tiniest asteroids to the hugest planets with unique landscapes and ecosystems. Each planet has a different environment and challenges as well.  

One by one these worlds can enrich you with bounties and precious resources. On the other hand, you will face a mortal danger exploring the unknown terrains. Powerful storms, dangerous plants, rough weather conditions, and other hidden dangers are going to distract your hero from exploration and threaten his life. 

Do you think you could overcome all these difficulties?

Space Minecraft as it is

Astroneer is sometimes called the space Minecraft. All because it features crafting as one of the primary activities. 

Your space exploration boils down to one goal: mine resources so that you could proceed to crafting (and stay alive, of course). Do it with the terrain tool which helps as well build bridges and transform the areas around you. 

You can also design various items and reshape distant space worlds due to your needs and preferences, create manufacturing facilities on every planet you step in. The more resources you find, the more abilities for transforming the new worlds you get. 

As the game supports both single and a co-op mode, you can experience the space exploration journey alone or together with friends. In collaboration, you can create different vehicles and buildings, change the surroundings beyond recognition. This exciting collective experience is the thing so similar to Minecraft, though exclusive thanks to the unusual space surroundings.  

The Astroneer’s Backpack: tips to use

Astroneer as most of the survival games has its unique tricks. By revealing and using them, you can become more successful in your space expeditions. We would like to give you some playing tips to smooth out your Astroneer playing on the initial stage. So we decided to help you sort out things with one of the crucial game items. 

Let’s take a look at your Backpack. We want to share with you some information about this object. So your Backpack is the portable storage where you can place up to 14 items (like Resources, Modules, and Vehicles). It has eight inventory slots, two attachment points, a small printer to craft simple items, and common storage for oxygen and power for the Terrain Tool.

To open the Backpack, press “Q” key. To snap an item directly to your Backpack, hold “Shift” + left mouse click on the object. Just make sure there is at least one open and a free slot for an item. 

In case of the Astroneer’s death, the character will be respawned to the last Habitat he used. All of the items from the Backpack will stay in it, and you’ll have to retrieve them. 

Now you are in a certain degree prepared for the Backpack use. All other tips and tricks you may find on your own. Promise, it will be an exciting process of discovering them all. 

Astroneer: beauty and hazards adventurous blend

Astroneer is an interstellar experience that can lead you to death in the open space. In this space survival, you need to do all your best to avoid doom, though you may think there cannot be any dangers in this charming interplanetary world. Don’t be conceived with its beauty, there are real hazards and unexpected challenges at every corner of this well-designed universe.

In this atmospheric game, you are going to explore and survive in the outer space. You will be the person who dedicates himself to the space discoveries entirely that means to risk your life in the unfriendly environment and reveal the mysteries of the universe. The more creative and enduring you are, the higher are chances for a successful space expedition you have. 


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