Have you ever wondered what it feels like: being lost among the stars? Hopping like an alien-rabbit in semi-weightlessness conditions? And survive on a planet where no man's foot has ever stepped before despite all odds?

Astroneer knows what it feels like for sure... And it knows how to make a space cowboy out of you.

If the movie "The Martian" has taught us anything, it is that if you're thrown out into the wilderness of an extraterrestrial, unfriendly world - you can conquer it. Subject it to your will. Be the Overlord King of it. And not just an average, ordinary king - THE KING. And THE MAN.

Astroneer shows that space-themed survival doesn't have to be creepy - like in Dead Space's scenario - to thrill your blood. And terraforming isn't just a "braniac" kinda word, but rather an enthralling activity. Especially when you know that you can die any minute. Or any second (wink-wink).

This interstellar saga catches you at such delightful escapades as:

·        Getting deep into unexplored, toxic caves.

·        Getting to meet poison-spewing plants.

·        Panically mining resources.

·        Panically retrieving to your base to refill the oxygen (while saying obscenities out loud vehemently).

·        Stumbling across your own dead body.

·        Stumbling across another dead body of yours.

And of course digging through the piles of space-debris junk. Unfortunately you can't put up your honestly scavenged loot at Amazon for sale.

Yes, the oxygen meter can make your forehead sweaty. Yes, at times the leveling-up makes you use your creativity and will power to the fullest. But how mesmerizing and infinite the skies above your astronaut helmet are!

So if you ever wanted to hop in a spaceship and leave the Earth, for at least two and a half hours - Astroneer waits for you. A glass of strawberry cocoa and "Starman" by David Bowie are strongly recommended to be had, while playing.