Astroneer Beginners Guide 2018

Astroneer game is a picturesque space survival simulator, in which you land in a small pod on another planet, good enough for exploring. Your central enemies are energy/oxygen shortage and severe hurricanes that happen once in a while.

And your best friends are strategic thinking, terraforming tools and a well-developed base. Our guide will help you to stay more or less alive in your first hours of Astroneer.

Also Astroneer tutorial will help if you got stuck!

1. Happy Landing

After you have chosen your Astroneer avatar - they all are absolutely equal in their stats - you will land on an alien planet you will need to explore and colonize.

Once the landing is complete, the pod will transform itself into your shelter, to which you will be attached with an oxygen chord. Upon that shelter you will later build a magnificent space station.

2.  First Tiny Steps


Watch the blue oxygen-meter on the top of your rucksack. If it runs low - immediately return to the base to refill it. Once it's 0 - you're dead.

Of course it can become a nuisance very quickly: returning to the mother-base all the time tremendously sabotages the loot expeditions. That's why you'll need to build tethers - the oxygen wires. To craft them you'll need to collect Compounds - blobs of grey substance. They are scattered across the planet in abundance.

Build a system of tethers by pressing T (PC), Down on the direction-pad (Xbox One).


Your terraforming tool is you #1 ally in the game. Use it to "suck in" the resources you need for building tethers/modules. Once you have a stash big enough, go to your backpack menu and choose which item to craft. For instance, in the beginning, you need to collect Compounds and Resin to extend your base a little.

3. Astroneer Base Building Tips

Collect Resin to build extra-modules: 3 stacks per one. Return to your shelter-pod and then enter the cursor mode - there you can choose extenders/modules.

Once you have a module, click on the orange button to choose the buildable units.

The recommended Astroneer build order includes these units:

1)   Research. This unit allows you to research and unlock new items/units to further upgrade your base and equipment. To pay for the upgrades you'll have to part with Energy and Research Objects. The Research Objects can be found everywhere: in the crashed spacecraft debris, caves with poisonous plants and so on. You can only deliver them manually - prepare for an exercise.

2)  Smelter. This one smelts raw ore into metal bars that are needed for building extra-advanced units. The metal ores can be found either underground or in the spaceship-wrecks.

3)  Vehicle Bay. It grants you the ability to produce space vehicles: buggies, rovers, shuttles. Such vehicles can provide you with oxygen and help you cover long distances much faster.

4)  Printer. A 3D printer, which similarly to your wonder-backpack can print such vital elements as solar panels, wind turbines, batteries, Drill Head etc.

5)  Trade Platform. Allows you to trade resources you have for other raw resources you need. It used to be a great source of Hydrazine (vehicle fuel), but it's not anymore.

6)  Fuel Condenser. Produces useful gases: Nitrogen, Methane etc.

4. Astroneer: How to Research

To unlock more advanced items, units, vehicles and so on, you will need to do a lot of researching.

First, you should build the Research Chamber. Using the Fabricator, first build a Large Type A platform and then the Research Chamber - it'll cost you 2 of Compound. After you have connected RC to the power, you need to earn Bytes - an in-game digital currency. You get a certain amount of them after you put an object in the Research Chamber for scientific scrutiny. NOTE: The rarer an object is, the more Bytes it will provide.

In the beginning you can put some alien grass in it to earn a small pile of Bytes for unlocking some basic stuff such as Tethers.

Now, when you have the Bytes, do this:

  • Open your backpack research menu.

  • You will see the catalog, which contains Schematics.

  • Exchange Bytes for the Schematics: Beacon, Oxygen Filters, Terrain Analyzer etc.

To unlock more technologies, you will need to go on a harvesting quest, searching for rare materials.

5. Power to the space people

In Astroneer every process and every piece of equipment depends on Power. And the Power you're utilizing personally is shown as the yellow meter on your backpack. Without it your terrain-shaper will go inactive. That's why you must build a decent power grid:

  • Solar panels. Can be attached to the backpack, absorbing the sunlight and converting into energy.

  • Wind turbine. At times there will be severe hurricanes. Turbines will convert their energy into Power.

  • Generators. Converts organic materials.

  • Batteries. Store Power for later use.

Those means of power-generating will keep your buildings, vehicles and also your backpack (via the Tethers) working.

Smart tips


Your backpack may be stuffed with valuable loot, but death always lurks around. If you suffocate/die from a toxic plant, you will respawn, but with no stuff you've managed to collect before dying. Investigate the place where your previous version died. There you will find your breathless body and also all the loot perfectly intact.


Don't collect glowing marbles that are colored like zebra/chess/leopard: they are useless garbage.

Mr. Hide

If a hurricane approaches you and you're too far away from the base/cave/vehicle, quickly dig a hole in the ground as a temporary shelter.

Power Source

Search for orange-glowing sort of bacteria - they are filled with Power.

Quick Hand

Press Shift+Click on a resource you want to harvest - it'll be added to your backpack instantly.

Mineral Extractor

Build one Medium Storage and keep in it a stash of raw resources. Once you use a material, compensate by sending the needed raw resources to the Mineral Extractor. It is quite a good habit.

Travel Insurance

Before venturing to colonize another planet, have these:

  • 1 Canister.

  • Resin stash.

  • 1 of Ammonium.

  • 1 of Malachite.

  • 1 Compound.

  • 1 Small Solar Panel.

If the planet turns out to be a grim place, you'll have everything you need to return home.

If you have your own, original tips for surviving in Astroneer, please share with us!