Become a Pro Buy Learning the Astrooner Building Base Tips

The System of Era Softworks, together with the help of Unreal Engine for it to become a much successful game, first announced and introduced the game Astroneer in October 2015. This kind of game is made of texture-less environments which were conceptualized by the very creative thinking artist named John Liberto.

It was on December 16, 2016, when an early version of the Astroneer Game was released and the game was expected to last a year or two, and on February 6, 2019, a 1.0 version of the game was then released. Among many other games that you have played before, Astroneer is different. Astroneer is a Sandbox Adventure Game created by System Era Softworks.

In playing this game, the mission of the player is to colonize the planets, creating and building structures and mining the resources of the planet that they have colonized. The game Astroneer doesn’t have a goal that you have to put up or a storyline that you have to meet. Nevertheless, each planet that you will colonize has different levels of challenges for the players to accomplish. His co-founder and also a lead artist sadly passed away on March 27, 2017, and he passed away four months after the early release of the Astroneer game.

What Efficient Way to Complete the Task in Building Base In Astroneer?

Like every other game, there is always a cheat or tips that will help you to defeat or earn an achievement to your game. If you’re a type of player who finds it difficult in building a base in Astroneer, well you are in luck. We will make sure that after you read this article, you will earn enough knowledge and you will be skilful enough in building a base in Astroneer.

We know that you are very much eager to know the tips in building a base in Astroneer, but we will let you learn the tips slowly because we want to make sure that you will be satisfied after reading this article. Can’t wait? So let’s get started!

Collecting Resources Is A Must!

Gathering your resources is a very much bellyaching portion of the game, but you have to do it for you to survive in Astroneer. You will be so thankful because you will learn how to play this game early as before anyone else’s would know.

For you to gather the resources, you first have to press E for you to equip the tool that you will need in this game. Then, you must press and hold your right mouse button in ready for you to gather the resources you need. You have to remember that like every other tool or weapon that you are using, at some point it will inevitably run out of power. Do not think that you will lose the progress of your game, thinking that you will be defeated just because the power of your tool run’s out its power because you can power it up again. For you to recharge the tool that you are using, you have to stop using your tool and patiently wait for a few moments to let it recharge.

Keep in mind that you only have a limited space in your backpack so be wise enough throughout the game in Astroneer. Because of this, we highly recommend you that you have to gather as much Resin as you can gather in the entire game of Astroneer. Why? It’s because Resin is the very first important resource that you have to gather in order for you to build a base in Astroneer. If you lack gathering Resin as your resources, you will immediately fail and lose the progress of your game, and you won’t have the chance to build a base in Astroneer.

Suffocation Must Be Prevented

It is very much hard to overcome and survive the massive expansion of space it is because of the lack of oxygen. Keep in mind that if you think that you will be enjoyed yourself if you are planning and wanting to explore and talk a walk in the game in Astroneer, it might not be the very best idea to do because you will suffocate. Remember that oxygen is only limited!

Of course, you don’t want that to happen, are we right? So stay near as possible to your pod. The key to remember that when you are near in your pod, you will see a blue tether will come out, you need this because it will supply you oxygen for you to survive the ambiance in Astroneer. And if you stroll away from your pod, the blue tether will disappear.

You will be able to take a breath for a difficult minute, depleting of your oxygen level will be the result of it. Walk back to your pod until the blue tether that supplies you oxygen reappears.

To make your life in Astroneer easier, you have to gather the Compound resource, and you have to use it to build yourself a blue tether for you to have loads of oxygen.

Press Q, your backpack will now open and craft the tethers, now that you have loads of blue tethers supplying your oxygen, you now have to walk away from the pod and place them all onto the ground. You can now stroll away from your pod without you getting suffocate.

Building Your Base for a Progress

The Resin that you have collected will help you build a foundation for your base. Now, return to your pod and search for the possible ports on the outside, and click one of them. A platform will appear with the word Resin. You will need two additional Resins. By providing this resource in your inventory, use it. You now own a base extension that will allow you to build different facilities in Astroneer. If ever your friends challenged you about this, they will be impressed by your skills in building a base in Astroneer.