Get Lithium resources in Astroneer easy

In Astroneer, Lithium is hard to find because it’s a rare resource. But, it is used to make necessary things like Backpack or Small Battery. So, let us tell you where to find Lithium in Astroneer.

Finding Lithium

The rare Lithium resource can be both mined deep underground or lay on the surface. To mine Lithium, you have to make sure you’ve got a Drill Head or a Drill Mod. However, you can collect some Lithium using the Terrain Tool if the soil hardness is appropriate. In Astroneer, Lithium is an important resource, researching which can give you key game items.

Lithium is used to get the following game stuff:

  • Backpack;

  • Small Battery;

  • Small Printer;

  • Medium Battery (Lithium + Zinc);

  • RTG (NanoCarbon Alloy + Lithium).

The amount of available Lithium depends on a planet you research.

Most of Lithium can be found on such planets as:

  • Vesania

Vesania is an exotic type of planet in Astroneer. The orbits around the planet are Moon and Novus. It's perhaps one of the most specific and diverse planets in Astroneer game. With its thick and lush atmosphere and very unusual Terrain, Versania is also a great resource of Lithium. Discover the planet attentively to find it.

  • Novus

With its light foggy atmosphere and purple, forested and cratered Terrain, Novus contains Lithium mines and sources.

As for the other items collected, you should place Lithium into the Research Chamber to get bytes.

The Trade Platform also gives you 1 Lithium for every 4 Scrap and up to 2 total for 8 Scrap. The Trade Platform provides you with access to rare raw unprocessed materials. Scrap is a trading currency for the platform. It is loaded into the paying slots on the mechanism. There are 8 payload slots on the trading platform. After launched, it takes up to 50 seconds for the mechanism to give back an unprocessed resource.