How to get Bytes in the Astroneer game Astroneer is a sandbox game where you are an astronaut and explorer of unknown planets. You will learn terraforming, resource extraction and of course battle with aggressive forms of extraterrestrial life. In Astroneer, you will get bytes for most of your activities. Bytes are a virtual currency that you can spend on discovering new possibilities and crafting. While bytes aren’t particularly hard to gain, some players might be wondering how they can get more bytes in Astroneer. Follow the article to learn how to get bytes in Astroneer game fast. Get a Research Chamber Game currency comes mostly from the researches. To start doing them, firstly  you have to build a new platform using 2 of Resin deposits. Once you've made a platform, use the Fabricator to print the Research Chamber. Don’t forget to connect the Research Chamber to power. With your Research Chamber powered up, it's time to start collecting bytes. To earn bytes, place the items you have found into the Research Chamber and activate it. Easy ways to get bytes in Astroneer Using bytes in Astroneer, you can develop and expand your base by placing new buildings or creating new vehicles. Bytes can be also spent on crafting schematics. For example, spending1,600 bytes gives you a small Oxygen Tank. You can place it on a vehicle to get a mobile oxygen tank. To find more schematics - look in the Catalog in the game menu. The amount of bytes you’ll get depends on which item you’re researching. You can do researches in different places. For example, there are caves in which usually you can find small things that look like crystals or seeds. Get them and place into the Research Chamber. Things that are awarded with Bytes are called Research Samples and Research Items. After you collected and put them into the Chamber, they become Resources. Research Samples are produced mostly by different plants and rocks around the planets. But, you can also find them in the EXO Dynamics Research Aids that are scattered on most of the planets too. Natural (organic and mineral) samples are the fastest way to get bytes. It is recommended to explore and find more patches of colour-tipped grass. Tall grass can be collected for Organic resources, which gives you a minimum 100 bytes. Once you’ve got a unit of Organic resource, place it into the Research Chamber from your backpack and use the panel on the Research Chamber to begin harvesting bytes of research. Rewards for samples come within a few minutes of being gathered. The gained amount is based on which planet the item was found and how deep the user goes. Research Items are rare but the bytes output for collecting them is usually higher than for Samples. Another tip is to get a Soil Centrifuge. It gives you a small boost for getting output. For example, if you put up to 8 Organic samples in the Centrifuge, you’ll get 400 bytes. Clay will give you 600 bytes for 6 samples. The Soil Centrifuge is used for limited types of items and samples. We hope you liked our guide on getting bytes in Astroneer. Now, head straight to the researches and have a good time exploring space!   Continue Reading Astroneer Review - Lost Among the Stars Available: Steam's Early Access (Xbox One, PC) Release Date: February 6, 2019 Sooner or later the humanity will leave its "cradle" - Earth that is - to conquer harsh worlds, lost among the stars, quasars and nebulas. Astroneer - the space survival simulator based on this idea - will provide you with hours of fun called "struggle-for-life". Almost all alone. On a faraway planet. Graphics - 4.5/5 To say the least, Astroneer's graphics & sound are an odd mixture. Odd, but meditative. That's right: there's such a nice vibe of lonerism/isolation about its calm, but colorful graphics and ambient-styled music. For example, the skies in Astroneer are stellar, thanks to both unique visual design and the countless stars, brightly shining whenever the alien sun hides behind the horizon line. The out-of-this-world vibe becomes only stronger when your little spacesuited avatar slightly bounces off the ground on the soon-to-be-conquered planet. If anyone ever wanted to know what it feels like to stroll on a planet with the gravity force lower than that on Earth - Astroneer game will give you a quick insight. Flashy, vibrant, sunny at day and deep, mysterious, infinite at night - that's what the explorable worlds look like. And especially nice is the landing effect - it feels so dizzy to observe your transport-pod landing on the planet's surface, smoothly falling through the orbit and clouds. Sadly, along with its colorfulness comes the feeling that Astroneer perhaps is a bit immature and childish. At times the alien worlds look like decorations sculpted from playdough and colored with markers. Such a design sort of sabotages the central concept of the game: surviving at all costs in the harsh and quite unfriendly world, light years away from home. Gameplay - 4.5/5 In the distant future - the 25th Age of Exploration, some sorta megacorporation Exo Dynamics gives a chance to every earthling to begin a new life on a planet in a far, far away galaxy. Or maybe just a Solar system. That's when you learn how deceptive the first impression can be: cute-looking planets will do everything they can to have you strangled. Laterally. Keeping the oxygen levels sustained and making sure you won't run out of it during another loot raid is your #1 priority. For that purpose you can: Rush back to your base in panic. Use Astroneer's transport - rovers and shuttles fueled with hydrazine. They are needed for both covering long distances and refilling oxygen. Build a system of oxygen-tethers. Now the tethers are literally a "cable" or "thread" of life for you. They perform almost the same function as torches in Minecraft. Another serious concern to take care of - the energy supply. Everything requires energy in Astroneer: extending your base, crafting devices, mining resources etc. And you can count on: Renewable energy sources - wind strength, sunlight. Coal power plant - coal isn't that easy to obtain, alas. At least you won't have to worry about stuffing your body with snacks/liquid, since anstroneers somehow suffer from no hunger or thirst. Your main activities in Astroneer will include: Drilling craters with the terraforming tool. Scouting for resources. Investigating the spacecraft crash sites - they always have rare stuff/artifacts. Developing your base. Exploring caves guarded by poison-spewing plants. Oh, and don't forget that alien planet weather is quite whimsical and cruel too. The storms are absolutely merciless: they reduce visibility to 0 and make the trash/rocks/space debris swirl around you in a chaotic death dance. Should one of the storms catch unprepared, the best things to do are: a) get in a rover b) dug a hole in the ground and hide in it like a sneaky, chubby marmot. Replay Value - 3.5/5 Astroneer, along with Raft and Subnautica is one of the top intriguing survival simulators by now. But it seriously lacks a couple of elements. First, there are no alien encounters at the moment. Of course, we have the hostile plants that spit some gassy neurotoxins, but it's not enough. Encountering alien life forms, even in the primitive state would be a delicious treat for all the space adventure fans. Second, the absence of the combat system makes Astroneer dimmer. The authors certainly miss out on a great opportunity to make the plot/gameplay more logically finished. Besides multiplayer, although limited to one server shared with friends, could have a combat system to bring an element of the healthy, murderous competition fun. Conclusion Our Astroneer Xbox one review highlighted the details of the game still in early access. That means there will be more stuff added to the game later. And even with all the content/features it lacks now, Astroneer is quite enchanting. The worlds you will explore are beautiful. And the shortage of oxygen/energy and hazardous climate will keep you on your toes, even if the gameplay is mostly architected around mining/crafting/building things. It won't let you get bored. By any means. Pros Mesmerizing alien landscapes. Survival is a challenge. Soothing ambient music. Moon-like gravity. Cons Frame-rate issues. No combat system. No spacecraft flights. Limited multiplayer. Astroneer may look cute. But it sure knows how to make your forehead moisty with cold-cold sweat from panicking...     Continue Reading Astroneer Multiplayer: Steam, Xbox One & Windows 10 So far Astroneer multiplayer is in its developing stages. It is quite glitchy/buggy, a number of players is limited, players can share the game-session only if their Astroneer versions match and joining a game via Steam seems to be impossible for some at the moment. And that instant crashing after the pod lands... However, our guide will try to give you the most useful tips on how to play Astroneer multiplayer. Astroneer Xbox One Multiplayer Xbox multiplayer for this game works the same as for Astroneer multiplayer Windows 10. Here's what you should do: Invite co-players through the Xbox Live party. Use Xbox app for Windows to do the same: Warn your buddies to launch the game in advance, before joining the session. Otherwise, game crashing may ensue. When they see a tiny house icon on the planet - the game is on. And that is pretty much it. Xbox and Windows 10 work nicely together when it comes to the crossplay. Although it's strongly recommended that Xbox players must be the game-hosts and send invitations to the PC-owners to join the session. If you've noticed your Astroneer multiplayer not working on Xbox, try this: navigate to the network settings of your console and switch Nat type from Strict to Open. It must help. Astroneer Multiplayer Steam Playing/joining Astroneer Multiplayer Steam is a little different, but still pretty easy. Follow these steps: Go to your Steam account. Press Shift + Tab to toggle the overlay. Go to your Friends List. Right-mouse-click on a person you want to join. Select Invite to Game. To join the ongoing game: Open your Friends List on Steam. See who's playing Astroneer at the moment. Right-mouse-click on the nickname. Select Join Game. And the trick is done! Although this method works for PC-owners. Can Astroneer's Multiplayer Be Local? By the way, some of the players have been asking lately: Is Astroneer multiplayer local? Even though the authors voiced the possibility of Astroneer being available for the local co-op, unfortunately, neither split-screen co-op, nor LAN multiplayer are available at the moment. One of the possible reasons for such neglect is the fear that going local will trigger an avalanche of small pirate Astroneer servers, thus causing a decline in the studio's profits. However, let's just wait and hope for the better. Continue Reading