Astroneer Multiplayer: Steam, Xbox One & Windows 10

So far Astroneer multiplayer is in its developing stages. It is quite glitchy/buggy, a number of players is limited, players can share the game-session only if their Astroneer versions match and joining a game via Steam seems to be impossible for some at the moment. And that instant crashing after the pod lands...

However, our guide will try to give you the most useful tips on how to play Astroneer multiplayer.

Astroneer Xbox One Multiplayer

Xbox multiplayer for this game works the same as for Astroneer multiplayer Windows 10.

Here's what you should do:

  • Invite co-players through the Xbox Live party.

  • Use Xbox app for Windows to do the same:

  • Warn your buddies to launch the game in advance, before joining the session. Otherwise, game crashing may ensue.

  • When they see a tiny house icon on the planet - the game is on.

And that is pretty much it. Xbox and Windows 10 work nicely together when it comes to the crossplay. Although it's strongly recommended that Xbox players must be the game-hosts and send invitations to the PC-owners to join the session.

If you've noticed your Astroneer multiplayer not working on Xbox, try this: navigate to the network settings of your console and switch Nat type from Strict to Open. It must help.

Astroneer Multiplayer Steam

Playing/joining Astroneer Multiplayer Steam is a little different, but still pretty easy.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Steam account.

  2. Press Shift + Tab to toggle the overlay.

  3. Go to your Friends List.

  4. Right-mouse-click on a person you want to join.

  5. Select Invite to Game.

To join the ongoing game:

  1. Open your Friends List on Steam.

  2. See who's playing Astroneer at the moment.

  3. Right-mouse-click on the nickname.

  4. Select Join Game.

And the trick is done! Although this method works for PC-owners.

Can Astroneer's Multiplayer Be Local?

By the way, some of the players have been asking lately: Is Astroneer multiplayer local? Even though the authors voiced the possibility of Astroneer being available for the local co-op, unfortunately, neither split-screen co-op, nor LAN multiplayer are available at the moment.

One of the possible reasons for such neglect is the fear that going local will trigger an avalanche of small pirate Astroneer servers, thus causing a decline in the studio's profits.

However, let's just wait and hope for the better.