How to get Bytes in the Astroneer game

Astroneer is a sandbox game where you are an astronaut and explorer of unknown planets. You will learn terraforming, resource extraction and of course battle with aggressive forms of extraterrestrial life. In Astroneer, you will get bytes for most of your activities. Bytes are a virtual currency that you can spend on discovering new possibilities and crafting. While bytes aren’t particularly hard to gain, some players might be wondering how they can get more bytes in Astroneer. Follow the article to learn how to get bytes in Astroneer game fast.

Get a Research Chamber

Game currency comes mostly from the researches. To start doing them, firstly  you have to build a new platform using 2 of Resin deposits. Once you've made a platform, use the Fabricator to print the Research Chamber. Don’t forget to connect the Research Chamber to power.

With your Research Chamber powered up, it's time to start collecting bytes. To earn bytes, place the items you have found into the Research Chamber and activate it.

Easy ways to get bytes in Astroneer

Using bytes in Astroneer, you can develop and expand your base by placing new buildings or creating new vehicles. Bytes can be also spent on crafting schematics. For example, spending1,600 bytes gives you a small Oxygen Tank. You can place it on a vehicle to get a mobile oxygen tank. To find more schematics - look in the Catalog in the game menu.

The amount of bytes you’ll get depends on which item you’re researching. You can do researches in different places. For example, there are caves in which usually you can find small things that look like crystals or seeds. Get them and place into the Research Chamber.

Things that are awarded with Bytes are called Research Samples and Research Items. After you collected and put them into the Chamber, they become Resources.

Research Samples are produced mostly by different plants and rocks around the planets. But, you can also find them in the EXO Dynamics Research Aids that are scattered on most of the planets too. Natural (organic and mineral) samples are the fastest way to get bytes. It is recommended to explore and find more patches of colour-tipped grass. Tall grass can be collected for Organic resources, which gives you a minimum 100 bytes. Once you’ve got a unit of Organic resource, place it into the Research Chamber from your backpack and use the panel on the Research Chamber to begin harvesting bytes of research.

Rewards for samples come within a few minutes of being gathered. The gained amount is based on which planet the item was found and how deep the user goes.

Research Items are rare but the bytes output for collecting them is usually higher than for Samples.

Another tip is to get a Soil Centrifuge. It gives you a small boost for getting output. For example, if you put up to 8 Organic samples in the Centrifuge, you’ll get 400 bytes. Clay will give you 600 bytes for 6 samples. The Soil Centrifuge is used for limited types of items and samples.

We hope you liked our guide on getting bytes in Astroneer. Now, head straight to the researches and have a good time exploring space!